Treenity Solutions is looking for new talent: Join us!

Thanks to the extensive experience its founders have gathered in a number of international IT services groups, Treenity Solutions is able to present a well-balanced offer with a higher perceived value to its clients. Its reputation increases with each new project.

Given its values and fields of activity, Treenity Solutions is clearly committed to a customer service culture. Our organisation also has a culture of innovation and excellence. It is important for employees as well as candidates to relate to Treenity Solutions’s main culture, as it is an indispensable benchmark for establishing a rapport with our company.

In our intellectual services business, the know-how of our consultants represents 100% of the value we deliver to our clients.

The success of our strategy will depend on our ability to attract, integrate and hold on to talent. Our HR function is highly strategic.

In addition, the management of our company has evolved by adopting software packages that improve our client relations, project management and administration.
The diversity of our services, our growing reputation, the group’s financial health and the efficiency of our organisation will be great assets to you as a candidate, if you choose to join us. At Treenity Solutions, you will find everything you need to successfully carry out the projects you are charged with and to rapidly progress your career.
You are keen to develop your expertise, expand your knowledge and specialise in technology consultancy, software engineering, content and process management and enterprise management portals. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to you.

Give your career a boost and take off towards new professional horizons. The diverse business sectors within the Fuzyo Group create a synergy that opens up wider progress perspectives for you.