Career Planning

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The performance standards for each position are clearly defined. These are objectives in terms of technical knowledge, methodologies, business process and behavioural characteristics, such as the ability to work as part of a team, management, empathy for clients, business sense and a positive attitude.

A customer service-oriented culture manifests itself in day-to-day working practices. In order to verify that our clients perceive this as such, we undertake an annual customer satisfaction survey. Employee performance is measured on the basis of end-of-project appraisals as well as client and employee satisfaction surveys.

Some performance objectives are prerequisites for promotion. A career change, for example a move from engineering to consulting or solutions, is possible on the basis of the same set of rules.

We believe this system to be both practical and flexible. It gives employees and candidates transparency over their role and the opportunities within the organisation.

Standards and requirements are available for everyone in writing on request. Individuals are able to measure themselves and identify what progress they need to make in order to reach their chosen position.

Treenity Solutions is recruiting in 2016

Treenity Solutions is hoping to recruit a number of new employees. You will be familiar with Information Technologies and have a strong sense of customer service. Send your CV and cover letter to: