Treenity Solutions is looking for new talent: Join us!

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By joining Treenity Solutions, you will benefit from exceptional working conditions and progress opportunities thanks to the relevance of our projects.
We specialise in new technologies and solutions. Our projects always play a part in the future of our clients’ information systems. Efficiency of your effort
We invest in our institutional knowledge capitalisation, allowing you to benefit from additional know-how that can be accessed via Treenity Solutions’s Intranet. This knowledge base will make your job easier and allow you to securely apply best practices to your projects, as well as speed up the learning process.

Developing your know-how:
Each employee is offered training in order to adapt and enhance their skills. Training is available in different formats, such as external training and certifications, individual study and training carried out by our technical units.

A wider perspective

Joining Treenity Solutions means you are joining the international Fuzyo Group. In other words, new horizons and new IT consultancy sectors will be open to you, when the time comes, to pursue a rewarding career.