We will keep you informed of our decision every step of the way.

A first selection is made based on your application, to see if your profile fits any of the positions in our recruitment planning.
If this is the case, we will contact you to arrange a telephone interview. This will allow us to confirm the key points of your CV as well as your interest in a position with Treenity Solutions prior to inviting you for a face-to-face interview.
During this meeting at our premises you will meet with three people, each representing a key function within the organisation: HR, the Department for Technical & Preparation and the Management.
We will present the company, its culture, values and career opportunities to you at these interviews.
If applicable, you will be asked to take a number of tests to enable us to verify your technical and/or managerial skills as well as your behavioural characteristics.
As part of a second interview, you will meet a member of the management team and we will be discussing your motives for joining Treenity Solutions.
In case you are selected, you will very quickly receive a formal job offer.
Once you have accepted our offer, you will be invited to meet our Managing Director for the contract signing.


The cohesion of our organisation and the preservation of our values are determined by the successful integration of each new employee.

We have put a mentorship scheme in place, offering each new employee the benefit of being supported by a more senior colleague. Your mentor will be your preferred point of contact to guide you through your first steps within the company and will provide support in case of problems.

Team spirit is very important in your new working environment. We would like to create a warm atmosphere which extends beyond the working day, for those who wish to participate. We therefore organise extra-curricular activities on a regular basis.

We keep a close eye on staff turnover rates, since our overall success depends on keeping it at a reasonable level. The care we devote to the integration process and our sense of social responsibility are key elements of this strategy.