Our Service Centres

Market developments, the creation of new services or products and the introduction of new technologies are some of the reasons leading organisations to outsource all or some of their IT systems. Treenity Solutions has a number of service centres that enable us to deliver the following services:
· Developments and changes of SI products in project mode in accordance with quality, performance, budget, timescale and security requirements
· Operation and technical and functional administration of these SI products
· Improving the quality of support for users, businesses and project managers
· Managed hosting and operating services

Development and Integration

Bespoke applications development or integrating existing solutions lies at the heart of Treenity Solutions’s business. Services provided by the Service Centre help to:
· Ensure fast solutions development by adapting to different business contexts. These developments can be carried out on a fixed-price or cost-plus basis.
· Ensure the availability of dedicated human resources with up-to-date skills in the clients’ functional and technical SIs.
· Capitalise on the teams’ strengths.
· Ensure mutualisation and the ability to prioritise the allocation of resources.
· Reduce costs and increase responsiveness.
· Create a partnership with clients that encourages ideas for improving processes and operations.

Third-Party Application Maintenance(TMA)

Treenity Solutions understands how service agreements, service level agreements and quality plans are formulated. Our expertise in business process and software development process optimisation allows us to achieve a balance between an ongoing effort for improvement and the performance levels we usually deliver for our projects. This performance applies equally to efficient planning and to expected performance quality.
Treenity Solutions also specialises in providing guidance on drafting product specifications and technical maintenance contracts.


Treenity Solutions has a proven track record in hosting services on dedicated platforms or Microsoft-based technologies (Office 365 or Azure).

User support and assistance

Our technical and functional support contracts may include level 1 and 2 support and are based on the ITIL’s or, in certain cases where ITIL is more difficult to apply (such as complex environments with multiple stakeholders), the FitSM standard’s best practices.
We are able to supply support environments in French, Dutch and English.