Software Engineering

Bespoke applications development

In-house applications development is at the heart of Treenity Solutions’s business. Many service providers specialise in a specific technology; at Treenity, we operate at the highest level of Java EE and Microsoft .Net/SharePoint frameworks, as well as emerging front-end technologies, such as AngularJS, React.js and Bootstrap.

Our services include:

  • Functional Analysis and UML
  • Multi-tier architecture concepts and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
  • Integration with databases and external systems, use of web services SOAP and REST
  • Functional unit and integration testing
  • User training and knowledge transfer
  • Technical audit and performance tuning

We offer two options for implementation

Cost-plus contract: Our consultants support your own teams, at your premises. You manage the project with us as the driving force; we will provide the resources.

Fixed-price: Treenity supplies all necessary resources and steers the project. We commit to specific results, precisely defining functionalities to be achieved within a contractually specified timeframe and budget. Treenity guides the project with the support of our service centres, with your agreement.


Our project teams benefit from the support of our ‘Technical Units’ in charge of research and development, technology intelligence and knowledge capitalisation. Our R&D investment policy allows us to save precious time when it comes to integrating a new technology or reusing a component, for example.
In its service centres, Treenity is equipped with complete environments, platforms and tools, allowing us to take on each project in its entirety.