Technology Consultancy

Your information system’s architecture is arranged on two levels.
Firstly, the logical or functional architecture concerns the application units, drawing on your organisation, both internally and externally, including data roles and exchanges of your departments and services, your clients, suppliers and partners.
Secondly, the technical architecture defines your information systems’ physical structure, i.e. the technological basis that will allow your applications to be developed and to operate within the required security and performance parameters.

Technical Architecture

Our engineers advise you what choices are available and help you set up and integrate:
  • Integration Tools: Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Web Services.
  • Java EE (Frameworks, Spring, Struts, Hibernate) or Microsoft .Net development platforms.
  • Integrated development environments (modelling, design, testing) such as Eclipse with its Rich Client Platform (RCP)
  • Application Servers
  • Remote user management portals
  • Security management solutions
  • Measurement tools and performance enhancement solutions