Training geared towards the corporate world

The Treenity Solutions Internship – The Academy provides recent graduates and those lacking professional experience with an opportunity to find out more about a career as a consultant in a friendly and open-minded environment, under the constant guidance of a technical team and HR personnel.

The programme offers students a results-driven training platform that is geared towards market requirements in order to help them find their feet within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. The ICT market is a growth sector that is continually on the lookout for specialised talent with experience in new technologies.

This new form of apprenticeship responds to the market need of bringing experience in addition to qualifications to a role. Students are given the opportunity to learn directly from the professionals within the sector.

This is a personalised education programme focusing on three directions:

  • 1To identify and develop the potential of each individual with a passion for ICT.
  • 2To open a channel between students and IT companies.
  • 3To create a talent pool of available candidates on the market for IT companies in search of well-trained, enthusiastic, technically-minded staff with practical skills.

The Treenity Solutions – Academy provides three months of work experience, during which we will be working with you to help you fully develop your best professional potential.

  • Science A-levels or equivalent experience in IT (preferred, but not mandatory
  • Strong interest in the ICT sector
  • Basic programming skills
  • Desire to learn and improve technical knowledge
  • Flexible, independent character, but also a self-taught, results-oriented team player
  • Fluent French mandatory, plus English or Dutch (all other languages considered a plus)
What we offer
  • Three-month internship contract at 38 hrs/week: Three-month internship followed by a short-term contract of three months (with possibility of a long-term contract)
  • Technical Training

    • New Technologies: Java and Microsoft
    • Methodology: Scrum, Software Development Life Cycle
    • Database: Postgres, PL/SQL
    • Tools: UML, Maven, Jenkins, Sonar
  • Theory: OOP (object-oriented programming), AOP (aspect-oriented Programming)

  • Practical work and applications development
  • Access to all necessary study material
  • Private language classes (English)
  • Group and private coaching
  • Help with employment: Guidance on drafting and presenting your CV
  • Dynamic and sociable environment
  • Feedback and ongoing follow-up on your career

Interns receive informal, ongoing mentoring, which may continue beyond the end of the internship until they have reached their professional goals.

The success of this educational project will depend on the diligent preparation by our trainers, as well as the determination, diligence and commitment of each individual participant.


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