We believe that an IT project
can only exist in support of a business project.

Your goal is not to take on technical challenges, but rather to take advantage of an information system that makes a practical contribution towards realising your vision.
The three dimensions of our services: Understanding technology is only worthwhile when combined with an understanding of our client’s business and the methods, the ‘best practices’, that lead to the desired result outlined in the initial project plan.

What we offer

Technology Consultancy

  • Technical Architecture
  • Agile Methodologies

Solutions Integration

  • Content and Document Management

Software Development on the client site

  • J2EE Development
  • .NET Development
  • Databases

Outsourced applications development at our centres in France and Morocco

  • Project and Quality Management
  • Software Engineering, Object Development, Integration

All our projects can be carried out on an overall or per batch fixed-price , cost-plus or limited cost-plus basis.